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Innovation and Entrepreneur Club

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Innovation and Entrepreneur Club

Innovation and Entrepreneurship club (Innohub) brings the creative minds of Techspire together to turn ideas into reality. At Innohub, we believe in the power of innovation to drive positive change and create meaningful solutions to real-world challenges. Through mentorship programs, pitch competitions, and hands-on workshops, we empower aspiring entrepreneurs to transform their visions into successful ventures. Whether you're a budding entrepreneur or simply curious about the startup world, Innohub offers the support and resources you need to thrive in the dynamic landscape of innovation and entrepreneurship.

Our Teams

At Innohub, we are proud to have a diverse and talented team dedicated to achieving our goals and serving our customers. Get to know the individuals who make up our dynamic team

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Kishor Bhattrai

President, Innovation and Entrepreneur Club
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Cheheta Shrestha

Vice President, Innovation and Entrepreneur Club
Swarnima Kansakar
Swopnil Barahi
Yugina Gurung
Event Coordinator / Public Relation Officer
Suyog Jayana
Membership Coordinator
Saroj Khadka
Innovation & Entrepreneurship Officer
Devaki Tamang
Technology Liaison
Srijana Rijal
Executive Member
Hisida Rai
Executive Member
Amulya Sherestha
Executive Member